Tiny Treasures

Mitch Niles 1948 ford red truck

by Mitch Niles

My most heart warming story of any of my Art regards this story of a young lover of art (about 7 or 8) who was visiting the art show last October in Suisun Valley.  She was with her grandmother and they were both enjoying paintings,  photographs and various … Reading more

My Love for Crafting

Rockwood 1995 FERRY TALES

by Rosie Rockwood

My love for crafting, sewing and quilting started a long, long time ago while playing with my grandmother’s button box under her treadle machine. My mother taught me how to cut and paste, she was a great seamstress and an expert knitter. However she never experienced the … Reading more

Jeff Snell

Jeff Snell

Jeff Snell’s paintings unite traditional landscapes and popular culture as vigorous abstract rhythms. Working with brush and spray, Snell uses expressive gestures that incorporate a variety of forms found in nature and elements of urban flair. The organic qualities of his subjects exist in a fantastic world, where the natural position … Reading more