My Love for Crafting

Rockwood 1995 FERRY TALES

by Rosie Rockwood

My love for crafting, sewing and quilting started a long, long time ago while playing with my grandmother’s button box under her treadle machine. My mother taught me how to cut and paste, she was a great seamstress and an expert knitter. However she never experienced the love of quilting, knitting and crafting the way I do, for her it was out of necessity that she sewed, I do it for the love of it.

While traveling back and forth to San Francisco on the ferry boat I found that sharing my love of crafting with others made the experience even that much more satisfactory. I taught 69 people how to knit or crochet and we made a total of 150 or so blankets that turned out to be beautiful. The yarn and labor donated, it was amazing how a simply idea grew into such an event.

I also find that the environment is very important, I garden organic and re-cycle fabrics, buttons and jeans into bags and quilts. I have recruited my granddaughter, 10 years old, and some of my friends to quilt for occasions when there is a need around the world. From my childhood in the after WW2 years I still remember when I received a red velvet dress from some kind relative far, far away. That impression has never left me and I am happy to say, I am paying it forward.

My favorite quilts are wedding quilts I have fashioned from silk ties, and memory quilts honoring some loved one that has passed. There is no shortage of things I can make from silk ties or jeans I am happy to say.

My granddaughter has the hum of my machine in her ear as well and does lovely things with fabric in my studio. Sooo much fun to see her loving it and taking it and enjoying it at a whole new level.


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