Tiny Treasures

Mitch Niles 1948 ford red truck

by Mitch Niles

Mitch Niles 1948 ford red truck

1948 red ford truck

My most heart warming story of any of my Art regards this story of a young lover of art (about 7 or 8) who was visiting the art show last October in Suisun Valley.  She was with her grandmother and they were both enjoying paintings,  photographs and various art objects when she noticed some Notecards of my art on a coffee table. The one she liked was a 1948 Ford Red truck in a Pink Blossomed Cherry Orchard. I had the painting there, but they liked the Note Card. She and her Grandmother put their Quarters together  and bought it saying they didn’t need the envelope as they were going to frame and hang it in her room. Two happy customers departed with their treasure for only 2 bucks. My day was made.

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