Vallejo Waterfront Artists

Waterfront art activities are on hold as of August 2011

The Vallejo Waterfront Artists began with a an outdoor venue at the Vallejo Ferry Building in 2010. Our efforts at the waterfront were stymied by a couple of things. We shivered out  at the waterfront during one of the coldest summers on record, battling intense winds that kicked up in ernest by noon. Then, construction of the new parking lot across the street from our venue reduced the foot traffic and further decimated our customer base. With skimpy sales and unpleasant weather it became impossible to maintain enough artist participation to make the effort worthwhile.

The effort did bear some fruit. The organizers of the Vallejo Waterfront Artists launched the annual Vallejo Open Studios in 2010, and that project is now growing and thriving.

Vallejo Waterfront Artists is a 501c(3) project of the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation


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