Citywide Vallejo Open Studios

Thank you to our Visitors and Artists for Making Vallejo Open Studios a Wonderful Success!


In 2023 Vallejo Open Studios took place November 11 and 12 with more than 70 Artists showing at 22 locations throughout the city of Vallejo.

We have prided ourselves on providing our community with an art event that was professional, affordable and encompassed the entire city of Vallejo. All who applied were welcome. We also enabled those with tighter financial straps to participate as Guest Artists without paying a fee, which never exceeded $60. Through the years more than 200 Artists participated in Vallejo Open Studios (see list below).

If you would like to view an Artist Directory from any particular year, including 2023,   use this link: Artist Directory

We’d also like to thank those who hosted our Artist Reception. In the early years beginning in 2010, our reception was hosted by the McCree Goudeau Gallery eventually moving to the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.

We cherish creativity and hope that you always will too. Art Matters!


Adams, Chandra
Ahsiekar Llih Art Gallery
Allied Ink
Ambiance Jewelry
Art Car Coalition
Artizen Cultural Arts Center
Atckinson Lockette, Jennifer
Bakke, Erin
Bandy-Pasibe, Kahalla
Barefoot, Beverley
Baskerville, Tim
Bay Area Stage Theater
Benjamin-Brookshire, Guy
Berry, Tiffany
Blackwell, Nell
Blanchard, Melissa
Beaulieu, Harold
Boddy, Colleen
Bon, Xavier
Boyd, Emily
Brown, Delgreta
Brown, Douglass
Brown, Richard
Bufalini, Lee and Angelo
Cadden, Wendyn
Caldwell, Rebecca
Cherry, Kanani
Cheatham, Laurie
Chiao, Gina
Chu, Sandra
Cinder Garden Steampunk Designs
Clark Stan
Combs, Cyndi
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Nicole
Cooper, Daniel
Cooper, Naomi Stein
Craven, James
Creative Interchange
Crisoto-Mayfield, Judith
Cullen, Gary
Cullinane, Jean
Cummings, Marvin
Damaso, Erick
Darnell, Jude
Davis, Steve
Delazzar, Denise
D’Eufemia, Kathleen
Dillon Bread
Dillon, Jeanne
Dirt Floor Studio
Douglass, Don
Drumgoogle, Izzy
Dudum, Sema
Duong, Monica
Edman, Katrena
Etchegaray-Szalan, MaryJane
Ethnic Notions
Evans, Sarah Anne
Eyvonne, Jacalyn
Eyewalker Studio
Feagins, Karen
Fitzgerald, Marley
Fuqua, Lorraine
Gabriel, Susan
Gandley, Michelle
Gardner Faux Paint
Garner, Julie
Gemini Gallery
Gentry, Vanessa
Gifts of the Spirit
Goins, Gregg
Gonzalez, Andres
Graham, Geoff
Grajeda, Ashley
Grandma’s Hands
Gross, Francie
Hadiah, Mariama
Hagen Clay
Harriman, David
Harris, Karen
Haruko Yuto Cunningham, Patty
Henderson, Samantha
Hering, Laura
Heritage Home Studio
Herron, Katie Jane
Hight, Steven
Hindsman, Ranee
Hodges, Richard
Holland, Laurie
Horton, J.B.
Horton, Terry
Hubbard, Pete
Ink & Iron Tattoo Studio & Gallery
Interplay Design
Jacobson, Dawn
James, Kael
Jean, Jackson
Jen Tough Gallery
Kempf, Pattie
Lane, Jody
Lang, Belinda
Lehman, Misti
Lincoln, Nicole
Lipari, Bernard
Lopez, Ro
Lulu Deux Milinery
Lunoe, Kat
MacFadden, Sandi
Ma Cheri Designs
MacLean, Robin
Manchester, Verlania
Mare Island Art Glass
Marino, Michael
Marsh, Lynn
Martin, Mark
Martinez, Jose
Material Visions
McCree Goudeau Gallery
McCullough, Pati
McCune Collection
McKeever Studios
Mendieta, Cheri
Milestones of Development
Mira Theatre
Mitchell, Cheryl
Moonfish Artworks
Moore, Penelope
Moore-Joradn, Karren
Morse, Fred
Mullen, Corina
Mullen, James
Muhammad, Khaleedah
Murdock, Sean
Musto, Adam
Neubauer, Lony
Neubauer, Matt
New Pacific Studio
Newsom, Stephanie
Nichols, Sarah
Niles, Mitch
Noel, Laura
Noll, Susan
Obtainium Works
Olotu, Bosa
Opus In Oils
Othamn, Sophia
Parhams, Rosalyn
Pascal, Orna
Pasterchik, Rick
Paurel, Elaine
Pearce, Aaron
Pearce, Anthony
Pearce-Rutherford, Freda
Pebler, Stefanie
Pecorella, Janet
Perry, Jason
Pickens, Lyndy
Pieced on Earth
Pomegranate Seeds Gallery
Procyon Gallery
Puno, Minh
Rafaelle, Marlowe
Red Genie Tattoos
Red Raven
Rockwood, Rosie
Rodas, Leonel
Salazar, Miro
Sallee, LaVonne
Scaife, Jeri
Seasons of Color
Seivert, William
Seldner, Grace
Siren Sticks & Glass Mermaid
Smith, Julia
Smith, Michael
Smith, Summer
Snell, Jeff
Snyder, Jeremy
Soares, Priscilla
Sparticle Space
SR29 thndur1
Staib, Linda
Stein Cooper, Naomi
Stevens, Earl
Stone, Kemper
Stutler, Gary Paul
Sue Kleiman Studio
Sutherland, Tracy
Swedlow, Kara
Taylor, Larryian-Marie
Temple Arts Collective
Theodorski, Carl
The Hub
The Vintage Vagabond
The W.O.R.K.S
Thompson Jr, Donald
Tobin, Sherry
Tonya Tucker Collins
TreeBed Design
Trojanmonk Art Studio
Trujillo, Christopher
Tunison, Sand & Mark
Unicorn Turds
Vallejo Gem & Mineral Society
Vietze, Alan
Viggiano, Dave
Waters, Claudia
Weyrich, Rick
Wiley, Sarah Beth
Wolverton, Grant
Youmans, Misty
Young Art Makers
ZaZa, Jo
Zhang, Jian
Zimmermann, Gretchen

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