Policies and Procedures

Each participant who pays the $60 entry fee will:

  • be listed in the artist directory which will be a downloadable pdf on the VOS website,
  • have one image in the artist directory,
  • have one image on the website,
  • show one piece of their art in a month long exhibit at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum (this is a benefit AND a requirement),
  • attend the Artist Reception at the Museum (see Key Dates for more information).

For Galleries or group locations: You may choose to pay just one fee, for which we will list your location and include one image in the catalog and on the website. Please list the names of guest artists who will exhibit at your location, unless they are paying a separate fee for their own listing. Individual artists who display at a gallery or group location have the option of paying for an individual listing.

Fee: $60.

Please sign up by August 31.

Directory Images must be received by September 7. You can upload images through the Application form online, or email your image(s) to info@vallejoopenstudios.com. You may provide and horizontal and a vertical, one will be chosen.


You will show one piece of your work during a month long exhibit. The museum will be open Saturday, November 12 from 10am to 4pm, their normal hours. They will be closed Sunday, November 13, therefore we encourage you to pick up artist directories during the Museum Reception to have on hand during Open Studios weekend.

Marketing materials will be distributed to Artists during the reception. Another important reason to attend.


Artist Directory
The Artist Directory includes one sample from each artist who applied and their contact information: studio or gallery name, artist name, address, medium, phone, email, website, you will have the option of checking a box to not include your phone or email in the directory, but we will need both for contacting you. The directories will be available for pick up in October at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum during their normal hours. Artists can pick up copies for distribution at the Museum Reception.

As in the past, postcards will be created for your distribution and will complement the look of the Artist Directory. You also have the option of creating your own. Email us for a copy of the VOS logo to use in your artwork. info@vallejoopenstudios.com

Our website continues to be an important tool for artists, art lovers, and potential visitors to Vallejo Open Studios. Many of our publicity materials will be available for download. We encourage you to visit often, and publicize it as much as possible. Add it to your signature in emails to friends and on facebook!

Did you know we have a Facebook page? We encourage you to visit and “Like Us”. Encourage your friends to like us also. facebook.com/VallejoOpenStudios/

Ready to apply? Sign up Here!

You may email us at info@vallejoopenstudios.com, or leave a message at 707-515-0686.


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